• Wesanator posted an update 2 years, 7 months ago

    Issue with logging on to and associating my AdSense account over to the analytics side to track my stats. It had me log in with my password. I then saw this account for Collapse Net. At this point being new to all this just took it as a dummy account, to teach me what to do and to show me what things would look like. So I played around with the settings and added my trailcrony.com to it. and started to learn. Then when the 1st of the month rolled around I was excepting an email from Google about my invalid click activity. I had just got it going about 3 weeks ago and yes I did do some wrong clicking. This was purely out of curiosity and make sure it was all working. I have 5 computers in the house. My wife and kids heard about my AdSense thing, cause I was kind of excited about it. Being this my first money making venture on the web. So I???m off and running. My friend who builds web sites suggested a site to build. So I thought it was a good idea. I went to Go daddy and bought a domain name. Trailcrony.com. We have only had it up for membership for about a week now. I started placing ads and doing some modifications to the site on a daily basis.
    Then I went and associated over to the analytics’ tracking. Added trailcrony underneath Collapse net. We started to get some heavy traffic, didn???t think we were going to our own site that much but it is a work in progress. Started getting a lot of traffic but nothing was appearing in the analytics page. Was just about to contact Google to find out why when they deactivated my AdSense account. I tried to explain and admitted to, after it was to late that I had violated there click policy. My site went from a couple of hundred impressions to over 2000 in just a few days. I know I wasn’t on there that much. There had to be another reason. I’m now thinking that GOOGLE, got some wires crossed and let me into someone else’s account. So after they deactivated me and then denied my appeal, now I know they were thinking that I was lying some how about my website. They saw I had another one I wasn’t telling them about. NOT TRUE. Collaspenet is not mine. So when I went to the analytics and deleted my stuff, I wiped everything including,Collapse net. From what I had learned after doing that it was a real site and I had just wiped out over 2 years of information. A, Wesley T Miller., Not ME. He got ahold of me and was confused and a little upset that he just lost 2 years of analysis. I am upset that Google system allowed this to happen. This other Wesley and I are going to pursue every avenue of recourse so we can to get to the bottom of this. Me and this other Wesley are worried about our privacy and lost money.

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      That don’t sound good, as for using analytics we need to add code to the site for that and a plugin from the backed….