Spooky Fun Way To Beat The Trail Heat

April 28, 2012 in Trail Tips by Dark

With the weather warming up and summer fast approaching it won’t be long till the heat is beating down on your favourite trail making you a sweaty mess, now I know that sounds sexy but the fact is it can be downright miserable! You could get up at the crack of dawn and take advantage of the cool air, but that air just keeps getting hotter every hour that goes by and the only thing getting hotter now is your sweaty butt crack!

Follow Me Into The Dark

If you have never hit your favourite trail at night then you are in for a cool treat, not only do you beat the heat but there are things on the trail that never come out into the light of day! At first this might creep you out a little but with the right light for your eyes and some killer tunes for your ears you will never hear that bump in the night woods. The trick is to keep your mind busy while you move down the trail, after a while you get use to things around you and start looking for the little monsters in your own mind and usually run into something fun.

I’m on a night ride with my Mountain Bike in Boiling springs Oklahoma the other night and about 45 minutes in I see something strange with big round eyes look at me and bounce off into the woods, not sure what I saw so I decided to take another trip up that trail and see if I could get eyes on it. As I crossed a bridge over a small stream and started heading up over a tree root this porcupine sits up on the trail right in front of me and goes dumb in my lights! I stop dead in my tracks and kinda go dumb for just a moment or so, then dropped my bike and got my iPhone out to get a little video.

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