What You need To Know About Vampire Spiders

May 8, 2012 in Trail Aid by Dark

Picture if you will, you are enjoying a romp on your favourite trail, the sun is just starting to dip low down in the trees tossing a spooky glow on the trail in front of you. The air around you stirs with a sudden chill that brings goosebumps to your entire body, you feel it now something is watching you! You stop for a moment and look around a little crazy eyed and adjust your music, yea that is better so off you go down the trail.

As you cross over a small stream and start-up a small hill it smells your blood and knows you are coming, it starts to move in for the ambush. You lost in la-la land have no clue to what is about to transpire, your music blaring loudly in your ears you move ever so closer to the trap! As you pass a large log it reaches out and grabs on to your leg and off you go with it on your leg like nothing ever happened, the Vampire Spider has hit its mark!

Oh My God!  What About The Children!

Relax and take a deep breath, we are not talking about blood sucking politicians here, that is another type of parasite and a whole other story! what we are talking about is a Arachnida know as a tick, yes ticks are in the spider family for those of you that didn’t know. So let’s learn a little about these blood sucking vampire spiders!

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